This is not a catalog of everything we carry at the Ancient Ways store. We get many things at different times from local, nationwide and international vendors. The only way to see everything is to visit the store.

We try our best to make sure that this site represents our current offerings and prices, but we’re not always able to keep up with the changes in the store. Please call, 510-653-3244, 11 AM – 7 PM, to ask about availability or current prices. Thank you.

Order Form

When filling out this form, please bear in mind that we may be out of stock on some items and that the prices may have changed. If there are any changes to the order, we will contact you for verification before we ship it out.

Order Form
Form for placing an order through the mail.

Magical Colors

As you look through the different catalogs, it’s useful to have an idea of some of the magical uses of colors. You can use these colors to help you choose candles, stones, and other magical tools.

Color Meanings
Colors and their magical meanings.

Areas of the store

Bath Products and More
Baths, Soaps, Waters, Powders etc.
Glass Jar Candles
Magical candles in glass jars with pictures on them.
Other Candles
jars, pillars, tapers, beeswax, votives, and shaped candles
hundreds of herbs from around the world and their magical uses
Sacred Spirit stick incense
Many types of stone and their magical uses

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