How to choose a particular stone

Use your first impression and your intuition. Allow yourself to choose an imperfect stone if you are drawn to it.

How to cleanse a stone:

  • Pack it in salt for one hour to one week.
  • Leave it over night in water with sea salt added.
  • Leave it an hour or over night under the full moon light.
  • Cover with dried pennyroyal herb for a night.
  • Wash it under running water.
  • Bury it in the earth for an hour to a week.
  • Blow a cleansing breath over it.
  • Use your imagination for ways that are significant to you.

The following properties are from folklore and should be used in addition to any medical help you might need. All stones and prices are subject to availability.


Agate: acceptance, grounding, emotional and physical

balance, raises consciousness, strengthens effects of other stones (tumbled $2.00)

Blue Lace: peace, happiness, combats laziness, eases stress (tumbled $1-2.00)

Moss: self-confidence, security, acceptance, increases psychic abilities, eases depression (tumbled $2.00)

Amazonite: soothing, aligns etheric and mental bodies, for success in gambling (tumbled $1-2.00)

Amber: protection, calming, balances personality, good for memory, (bead $1.50)

Amethyst: sobriety, assists spiritual, psychic opening in a grounded way, creativity, courage, intuition, self-esteem, calming, wisdom, good dreams (tumbled $0.50-4.00, points $1.50-7.00, clusters $8-20.00)

Apache Tears: protection, grounding and centering, luck, divination, peace (tumbled $1.50)

Aquamarine: mental clarity, spiritual inspiration, calming, enhances self-expression, purification, psychic abilities (tumbled $0.50)

Aventurine: joy and peace, mental clarity, calming, positive attitude, healing, attracts money and luck (tumbled $0.50-2.00)

Azurite: activates expansion of consciousness, amplifies healing abilities ($2.00 and up)

Bloodstone: vitality, courage, generates higher states of consciousness, success in legal matters, wisdom, protection, prevents deception (tumbled $3 – 4.00)

Calcite: aids in astral projection, balances yin\yang qualities ($2.50 and up)

Green: draws money and prosperity to the home ($2.00)

Orange: protection, gives energy to the body when held ($1-2.00)

 Red: calming, centering, grounding ($1-2.00)


Carnelian: protection, courage, strengthening, encourages opening and curiosity, creativity, prosperity, sexuality, protects from envy, evil, deception and misfortune (tumbled $0.25-2.00)

Citrine: unblocks energy, strengthens will, balance, self-confidence, helps let go addictions, discourages nightmares and gives sweet dreams, joy (tumbled $0.50 – 6, points $4-7.00)

Coral: protects from evil, balances physical energy, gives power (beads $0.50)

Cross stone: (also called fairy cross), balances energy, protection ($6-20.00)

Crysacola: stimulates physical activity, balance fears and guilt, calming emotions, removes blocks to creativity (tumbled $1.50)

Diamond: removes blockages and negativity, mental balancer, self-esteem, eases jealousy, mild aphrodisiac; Herkimer diamonds, a kind of quartz crystal, can be substituted. (not available)

Emerald: love, business, memory, meditation, relaxant, strengthens clairvoyant and psychic abilities (sm. cut $4.00)

Fluorite: increases perception, clears air of psychic clutter (tumbled $3.00)

Fuchite, with ruby: assists in personal interactions and productivity, understanding of higher love (tumbled $1-6.00)

Garnet: energy and vitality, imagination, self-esteem, will power, calms anger, assures love and faithfulness (tumbled $2.00)

Gold Stone: increase physical or magical energy, prosperity ($2-5.00)

Hematite: grounding, protection, self-esteem, aids in astral projection (tumbled $0.50-3, magnetic $1.00)

Herkimer Diamond: releases physical stress and tension, cleanses subtle bodies, discharges toxicity, aids in past life memory, clairvoyance, dream work, stores information (small points $1-3.00)

Howlite: calming, relieves stress and insomnia, assists in past life memories and astral projection (tumbled $0.75)

Jade: divine love, encourages altruistic nature and expression of feelings, strengthens earth connections, protects from accidents; Chinese – clarity, modesty, courage, justice, wisdom (tumbled $1.50)

Jasper: protection against lower astral entities, stabilizes emotions, drives away evil spirits and nightmares, grounding ($2.00)

Leopard Skin: balances light and dark, shamanic shape shifting, assists in clarity, reduces insecurities ($2-4.00)

 Red: protection, strength, beauty, grace, health and healing, sends negativity back to sender (tumbled $1.50-4.00)

Jet: draws out negative energy, fights depression, gain victory, associated with Saturn, comfort pain from loss of loved one (tumbled $1-6.00)

Labradorite: stimulates physical activity, lifts contentiousness and establishes connection with universal energies (tumbled $2 and up, raw $1-1.50)

Lapis Lazuli: prosperity, psychic abilities, opens third eye, increases expression, cleansing, aligns etheric, mental and spiritual bodies, thought amplifier, truth, harmony, tranquility, eases sleep, anxiety, and melancholy (tumbled $3-5.00)

Lepidolite: creates harmony with whole, calms the spirit and emotions (tumbled $1-2.00)

Lodestone: draws love, money, and fidelity, when used with iron, can draw away negativity and illness (clean often when used this way) (medium to large natural $1 – 5.00, small red and green $0.25-2.00)

Magnetic sand: use to “feed” your lodestone (natural $2.00/oz, gold colored $3.00/oz)

Malachite: protection, self expression, visions on all levels, balances right and left brain, detoxes, success in business and relationships (tumbled $0.50-15.00)

Mercury: for luck (don’t use;it is poisonous.) Substitute aluminum. (not available)

Moonstone: emotional balance, receptivity, sensitivity, intuition, clairvoyance, feminine qualities, good for macho people, physically for all “female” problems, protects travelers and those of a sensitive nature, the Goddess (tumbled $2.00)

Obsidian: protection, wards off negativity, reduces tension, helps in letting go of an old love, travel, prophesy (arrowheads $1.00)

Mahogany: protection and grounding, strength in times of need, removes energy blocks (tumbled $2.00)

 Snowflake: the magician’s stone (tumbled $1.50)

Onyx: protection, defensive magic, breaking hexes, grounding, concentration, abstract thought, clairvoyance ($1-4.00)

Opal: protection, enhances cosmic consciousness, intuition, harmony, emotional balance, joy, creativity (out of stock)

Peacock Ore: brings money and prosperity from all directions ($0.50-5.00)

Peridot: enhances clarity and patience, calming, balancing, positive outlook, clairvoyance, aligns subtle bodies ($1 – 2.00)

Pyrite: money, luck, divination (tumbled $3.00, cubes $3.00, chips $0.25, clusters $2 – 20.00)

Quartz, clear: powerful transmitter, promotes clarity, attunes to higher self, concentrates consciousness (tumbled $1-4.00, points $1 – 5.00, clusters $8 and up)

Aqua aura: clear quartz bonded with gold, soul healing, set self free from limitations, encourages highest spiritual potential ($5.00 and up)

Rutilated: breaks old patterns, childhood blockages, eases depression (tumbled $0.75-5.00)

Rose: love, peace, happiness, fidelity, opens heart chakra (tumbled $0.50-4.00)

Smoky: creativity, joy, balances emotional energy, grounding ($1-4.00)

Rhodochrosite: cleanses subconscious, strengthens self identity, self love, opening to universal love, comfort, gives confidence, relieves stress, and heals (tumbled $2-3.00)

Ruby: heart, spiritual balance, confidence, flexibility, energy, vitality, devotion, leadership (tumbled $4-7.00)

Salt: protection, grounding ($0.50 an ounce)

Sapphire: elevates moods, clairvoyance, telepathy, feminine qualities, improves expression, communication with one’s spirit guides (out of stock)

Shiva Lingam: raises and controls kundalini energy, good for tantric magic, overcoming sexual abuse or trauma ($4.00 and up)

Sodalite: healing, harmony, balance, courage, communication, alleviates subconscious fear and guilt (tumbled $0.50 – 4.00)

Sunstone (Feldspar): prosperity, healing, creativity (tumbled $3.50-15.00)

Tiger’s eye: protection separates false desires from real needs, detoxes (tumbled gold $0.50-6.00, tumbled blue $2-5.00)

Topaz: understanding, balance, creativity, relaxing, helps in letting go of the past (out of stock)

Tourmaline: dispels fear, negativity, and grief, gives healthy environment, tranquil sleep, balance in relationships, self-expression, eases compulsiveness

Black: activates base chakra, protects against negativity (tumbled $2.00, raw $4.00 and up)

 Green: heart chakra, balancer (raw $0.50)

Pink: heart balancer, increases depth of insight and perception, creativity, fertility, balances passivity and aggression, substitute watermelon if needed (raw $1-3.00)

In Quartz: crown chakra, attunes to higher self, increases spiritual understanding, promotes peace, transforms negative energy into positive energy (out of stock)

Watermelon: combines and stimulates the qualities of other tourmalines and strengthens their effect, balance (out of stock)

Turitella: protection, grounding, shielding (tumbled $1.50)

Turquoise: protects from harm, increases psychic and communication skills, strengthens whole body, aligns subtle bodies (beads $0.25, tumble $2-3.00)

Unakite: draws off negativity from heart chakra, eases depression, helps uncover deception (tumbled $1-2.00)

Astrological Sign Stones
Aries Sardonyx
Taurus Carnelian
Gemini Topaz, peridot
Cancer Chalcedony
Leo Jasper
Virgo Emerald, peridot
Libra Aquamarine, jade
Scorpio Amethyst
Sagittarius Sapphire, lapis lazuli
Capricorn Jet, onyx, chrysoprase
Aquarius Crystal (clear)
Pisces Lapis lazuli, sapphire, aquamarine
Magical Tools and Stones
Wand Amethyst, Sapphire, Opal, Agate
Sword Ruby, red stones
Dagger Topaz, Chalcedony
Pentacle Salt, Turitella
Cup Beryl, Aquamarine
Lamp Amethyst, Emerald