Glass Jar Candles

CANDLES IN GLASS JARS ($9.00 each by mail order)

The following candles are called Seven Day candles, but they sometimes burn as quickly as four days.   These candles and their uses are based on folklore.  We do not guarantee their effectiveness as you provide the magic. The meanings of many candles are used with prayer to produce results.  Some people like plain candles, while others like their intent written on the glass jar.  (See Candle list for plain candles)

Don’t forget to order an oil to dress your candle.  For example if you burn a money drawing candle, use money drawing oil, fast luck, wealthy way or some similar oil.  Many people also burn an incense of a similar type for added strength and power.

Adam and Eve (pink), (yellow/red)
Bayberry (green, scented)
Better Business (purple)
Bingo (green)
Black Snake (black)
Block Buster (pink/gold)
Break up (brown)
Buda (pink)
Chango (white/red)
Chango Macho (orange)
Chuperosa, Hummingbird (pink)
Come To Me (red)
Congo (pink)
Court Case (white)
Eleggua (red/black), (white)
Eleggua/Esu (red/black)
Faith, Hope, Charity (7 colors)
Fast Luck (green)
Fast Money (blue)
Fortune Teller (gold)
Frankincense & Myrrh (brown, scented)
Go Away Evil (black)
Guadalupe (pink, scented)
Guardian Angel (white)
Healing (blue)
Health (white)
Helping Hand (7 colors)
Horseshoe (green)
Indian Spirit (green)
Jinx Removing (red/black)(3 colors)
Job (pink/green)
John the Conqueror (green), (purple), (red/purple)
Just Judge (white)
King Solomon (purple)
Law Stay Away (white)
Lode stone (green)
Lottery (green)
Make your Wish (pink)
Master/Tree of Life (7 colors)
Milagrosa (white)
Money Drawing (green), (green/gold), (7 colors)
Obatala (white)
Ogun (black/green)
Orunila (green/gold)
Oshun (yellow)
Oshosi (black/blue)
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (blue)
Oya (7 colors)
Peace (white)
Peaceful Home/House Blessing (blue/white)
Protection from Enemies (white)
Protection from Harm (red)
Reversible (red top/black), (black top/red)
Road Opener (orange/green/gold)
Rue (scented)
Run Devil Run (black)
Sacred Heart of Jesus (red)
Santa Barbara (red)
Santa Clara (white)
Secret Desires (pink/blue)
Seven African Powers (7 colors, green with paper lable)
Seven Angels/13 Cherubs (7 colors)
Shut up/Tapa Boca (red)
Snake (black)
Spellbreaker (purple)
St. Anthony (brown), (purple)
St. Christopher (yellow)
St. Cipriano (yellow)
St. Expedito (yellow)
St. Joseph (yellow)
St. Jude (green), (red), (white), (purple), (7 colors)
St. Lazarus (yellow)
St. Martha (green)
St. Michael (red), (white)
St. Martin de Porres (red)
Steady Work (green/gold)
Success (green)
Twenty-third Psalm (white)
Uncrossing (purple)
Virgen de Caridad del Cobre (yellow)
Yemaya/Virgin Regula (blue)
Yenaya (white/blue)


Aquarius, Jan 21 to Feb 19 (blue/yellow)
Aries, Mar 21 to Apr 20 (pink/red)
Cancer, June 22 to July 23 (red/green)
Capricorn, Dec 23 to Jan 20 (red/gold)
Gemini, May 23 to June 21 (red/blue)
Leo, July 23 to Aug 22 (pink/orange)
Libra, Sept 23 to Oct 22 (pink/gold)
Pisces, Feb 20 to Mar 20 (blue, green)
Sagittarius, Nov 22 to Dec 22 (red/orange)
Scorpio, Oct 23 to Nov 21 (yellow/blue)
Taurus, Apr 21 to May 22 (blue/gold)
Virgo, Aug 23 to Sept 22 (gold/pink)