Color Meanings


health, peace, calm, intuition, inspiration, spiritual, devotion, happiness, kindness, psychic ability, compassion; Jupiter, Neptune, Psalms 9, 19, 112
money, luck, prosperity, business gain, abundance, fertility, success, new beginnings, hope, creativity, health; Venus, Jupiter, Psalms 4, 65
luck, academic success, wisdom, concentration, cheerfulness, health, relieve worries, persuade others, attractive, speed up results, remove hexes & bad luck; Mercury, Sun, Psalms 15, 32
prosperity, good luck, good fortune, get a job, new opportunities, money, honor, good position, business gain; Sun, Psalms 8, 150
cheerfulness, concentration, positive thoughts, optimism, hope, energy, prophetic dreams, peace of mind, safety from enemies, recover lost things; Mercury, Uranus, Psalms 44, 70
friendship, love, tenderness, success, harmony, pleasure, loyalty. Good fortune, spiritual awakening, leadership, clears up bad home conditions, joy, happiness; Venus, Sun, Psalms 14, 57
love, romance, attraction, passionate affection, sex, lust, enthusiasm, energy, endurance, strength, courage, will power; Mars, Pluto, Psalms 45, 142
success, career improvement, mastery. Confidence, conquering, courage, protection, safety, overcome problems, divination, exorcism, power wisdom, dignity, strength; Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Psalms 7, 52
neutrality, overcome trouble, conquering, develop the inner self, self knowledge; Moon, Psalms 12, 52
victory, good, money, powerful, conquering, develop the inner self, self knowledge; Moon, Psalms 30, 52
special favors, justice, stop confusion, control spiritual vibrations, thrift, studious, self-discipline, practical, creative; Earth, Saturn, Psalm 35
remove bad vibrations and habits, retribution, conquer evil, introspection, quietness, inner strength and power, release the departed; Saturn, Psalms 44, 55
Blessing, prayer, truth, purity, spiritual strength and power, protection, cleansing, hope, harmony, peace, healing, release the departed; Moon, Sun, Psalms 73, 99