Baths, Soaps, Powders, etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with the store for current pricing

These are the Baths, Soaps & Powders we try to carry.  However we can’t always get all of these products.  Please check with the store to see which items we have in stock

Bath Salts (5 oz.) $5.00

Success (out of stock)
Uncrossing (out of stock)

Herbal Baths (1 oz.) $2.00

Energy Renewal
Love Bath
Meditation & Healing
Purification Bath
Relaxing Blend
Success & Happiness

Smoking Mix  (1 oz.) $2.00

Bath & Floor Washes  (6 oz. bottle) $5.00

All Purpose
Adam & Eve
Chango Macho
Dragons Blood
Fast Luck
Go Away Evil
High John the Conqueror
Jinx Removing
Money Draw
Peaceful Home
Protection from Harm
Santa Muerte
Seven African Powers
Steady Work
Van Van (5 oz. Anc Ways)

Special Baths

Dr. Pryors Hyssop Bath Oil $6.50
7 Holy Spirits Bath Oils $10.00

Soaps (as marked or) $2.50

Fast Luck
Fast Money
Florida Water
House Bless
Helping Hand
Jackpot Money
Jinx Removing
John the Conqueror
Quick Money
Nag Champa ($4.50)
Patchouli ($2.75)
Seven African Powers

Waters etc.

Bay Rum (4 oz.) $7.50
Florida Water Ancient Ways  (5 oz.)$7.50

Florida Water Murray & Lanman (7.5 oz.) $10.00
Four Thieves Vinegar (5 oz.) $5.00
Orange Water (5 oz.) $7.50
Rose Water. (5 oz.) $7.50
Lavendar (5 oz.) $7.50
Hoyt’s Cologne (5 oz.) $7.50