The following legendary uses for these oils and waters are drawn from folk and traditional sources. Their effectiveness in any ritual depends on divine will and the will of the user. No claims for supernatural effects or powers of these oils and waters are made.

Some prices will reflect wholesale fluxuations (vers. 72010). Prices subject to change without notice.

 Prices are $2.00 for 1 dr., $3.00 for 2 dr., $5.00 for 4 dr., $9.00 for 1 oz., except where noted.


A + – for students to get the best grades

Abramelin  sacred thelemic consecration oil; $10/dr.

Adam and Eve – a love oil, peace between a couple

Allspice* success, strength of will, combats laziness; $4.00/dr, $7.00/2 dr.

Almond, sweet – for prosperity,wisdom, money; $3.00/ oz

Altar  blesses the altar, any candle or person; an offering oil

Amber* for power, protection, healing, balancing; $8.00/dr.

Ambergris – to attract men

Apple Blossom  for happiness and peace of mind

Aquarius  for people born Jan. 21 to Feb. 19; $3/dr, $5/2 dr.

Arabian Nights – romantic seduction; $3.50/dr, $6/2 dr.

Aries – for people born Mar. 21 to Apr. 20

Attraction – attracts all good things, esp. a mate or luck

Banishing – cleanses and clears unwanted energies

Basil*- mental powers, happiness, money; $4.00/dr.

Bay Laurel*- purification, clearing, psychic powers; $4.00/dr.

Bayberry  draws money, blesses the home

Bendover – to get people to do what you want

Benzoin*- magical powers, traditionally used in ritual

Bergamot* famous voodoo oil, adds power to rituals; protects, dispels a hex, draws riches; $3.00/dr, $5.00/2 dr.

Black Art  used in hexes

Black Cat  for luck and fortunate events

Black Panther  gives confidence in one’s abilities

Black Pepper*- energy, courage, movement, (for Mars); $6.00/dr.

Blue Sonata – a seductive oil, also a spiritual offering

Bull’s  increases strength, overcomes obstacles, enemies

Camphor* power to control a situation, ruled by the moon

Cancer  for people born June 22 to July 23; $2.50/dr, $4/2 dr.

Capricorn  for people born Dec. 23 to Jan. 20; $3/dr, $5/2 dr.

Cardamon*- for lust, love; $10.00/dr, $19.00/2 dr.

Carnation  for gambling, adds power, healing and energy

Cedarwood* sanctifying, relaxation, confidence, protection

Chamomile*- calming,tranquility, relaxation; $15.00/dr.

Chango – confidence, joy in life; $2.50/dr, $4/2 dr.

Chinese Luck  happiness, health, virtue, peace, long life

Chupparosa (hummingbird) – romantic love; $2.50/dr, $4/2 dr.

Cinnamon* for good fortune, for studying, draws money

Citronella* for ritual power, good writing, attracts friends

Civit – attracts love and passion

Clary Sage*- heal, sooth, meditation; $3.00/dr, $5.00/2 dr.

Cleo May  alluring physical appeal, gambling luck

Cleopatra- for lovers, aphrodesiac

Clove*- for protection, exorcism, love, money

Coconut  an offering oil, pleases the orishas

Come to Me  mostly a love oil, good for drawing money

Compelling (Commanding, Controlling)  for power over others

Conjure  attracts helpful energies in candle burning

Court Case – use to win your case


Cucumber – healing, calming

Cypress – protects, heals, eases grief, comfort, longevity

Devil’s Shoestring  power over opposite sex, draws money, luck, protection

Do As I Say  for selfconfidence, influencing others

Dove’s Blood Ink – used to write love spells on parchment, $6.00/bottle

Drawing  brings money, luck, love

Dragon’s Blood  an uncrossing oil, clears long standing conditions, adds power to rituals

Dragon’s Blood Ink – used to write powerful spells on parchment, $6.00/bottle

Easy Life – relax, allow your life to be good

Elegba – Opener of doors

Emperor – for controlling situations, strength activity, dealing with bureaucracy; associated with Mars, Sun, Jupiter

Empress  for love, beauty, creativity, art, protection, safe childbirth; associated with Venus and Hathor; $3.00/dr.

Enchantment  for spellbinding attractiveness

Eucalyptus* antiseptic, decongestant, for concentration

Faery Queen – Enchantment, love, spell binding

Fast Luck  for luck, for improved business

Faun – for seduction of women; $2.50/dr, $4/2 dr.

Fire of Love  for passionate love

Frangipanni  success in love

Frankincense* a sacred oil, for success and money; to free one from any unhealthy habit

Galingal* (aka Chewing John) – money, court cases; $10/dr.

Gambling – as it says

Gardenia – protects from strife, brings peace & love, heals quarrels

Gemini  for people born May 23 to June 21

Geranium Rose*- for love & joy, attracts the spiritual; used for protection, a hex breaker (extened in base); $2.50/dr.

Healing – a powerful oil for healing

Hecate  used to invoke the secrets of the dark

Holy – used for blessings in spells

Honeysuckle  draws business, luck, confidence, health

Horned Lord – invokes the lord of the woods, passion; $3.00/dr.

Hyssop*- purification, cleansing; $9.00/dr, $17.00/2 dr.

Isis  to call on the energies of the Great Goddess

Jasmine  for luck in love

Jinx Removing  for protection, removing negative energies

Job  used to get and keep a job or find good employees

John the Conqueror  brings all good conditions, for success, clear thinking, overcomes obstacles

Joy & Laughter- for bringing joy into your life

Jupiter – wear for wealth, prosperity; to help in legal matters; to invoke Jupiter energies where needed

Kuan Yin – peace, healing, tranquility

King Solomon – for quick understanding, draws money.

Lady of the Underworld, Ereshkigal – for psychic work and getting help from the gate-keeper and your depths; $4.00/dr.

Lavender* Brings peace and comfort to the home, eases tension; $4.00/dr, $7.00/2 dr.

Lemon* for luck and protective spirits

Lemon Verbena  for luck, removes hexes, defeats bad habits, protects from negative influences

Leo  for people born July 23 to Aug. 22

Libra  for people born Sept. 23 to Oct. 22

Lilac, blue – brings help of good spirits

Lilith – seduction of men; $2.50/dr, $4/2 dr.

Lily of the Valley – brings peace, comfort, sanctification

Lodestone – magnetically drws money and love

Lotus  attracts love, good fortune; increases magical power

Love/Venus  for love, beauty, pleasure

Lucky 7 – a personal gambling oil (add astrological sign)

Luxury Rose – see Rose Otto

Luv, Luv, Luv – for … lots of love

Mars  gives courage, virility, energy, passion

Master  for controling situations

Mercury  get answers to questions, for study, mental ability

Mojo Wishing – powerful for getting what you want

Money Drawing  for money, protects against poverty

Moon  calming, softens bitterness, brings sweet dreams, protection while traveling, protects the home

Moonrise  healing and centering, invokes the Goddess

Most Powerful Love – the best for love; $3.50/dr, $6.00/2 dr.

Most Powerful Money – best money oil; $2.50/dr, $4.00/2 dr.

Musk, China  a love oil; for selfconfidence to look for work

Musk, Egyptian – more love, seductive

Musk X – stronger love & suduction; $6.00/dr, $11.00/2 dr.

Myrrh* invocation, protection, guards against evil, success, love, purification; $10.00/dr; also extended at regular price

Nefertiti – to invoke passion into a lackluster relationship; inhance your beauty in the eyes of others

Neroli*- for marriage and harmony (extended in base); $2.50/dr, $4.00/2 dr.

New Orleans  love, money and good fortune

Nymph – for seduction of men

Oakmoss*- earthy, love, protection (extended in base); $3.00/dr, $5.00/2dr.

Oil #20  breaks through barriers, stops gossip

Orange Blossom – harmony, for marriage

Orange,Sweet*- harmony, good atmosphere

Opoponax* (aka Siamese Benzoin) – protection, purification (extended in base); $2.75/dr, $4.50/2 dr.

Oshun – African Love Goddess

Passion – to invoke passion in a lover

Patchouli*- arouses sensuality, brings peace to the home, calms anger, makes troublesome people leave calmly; $3.75/dr, $6.50/2 dr.

Peace – for peace & harmony in the home and for the self

Peony – intuition, beauty, grace, protection, exorcism

Peppermint*- adds pep to your life

Pine*- for growth, for money; cleansing of the past, purifying

Pisces – for people born Feb. 20 to March 20

Pluto – ruler of the underworld, money

Power  increases your personal power, overcomes other people’s power over you

Protection  for protection

Purification – cleari & cleanse unwanted energies; $2.50/dr.

Q  sensual love oil; entices anyone you desire

Reversing – turns back bad luck & vibes, return to sender

Rose* love, affection, peace (extended in base)

Rose Otto in base* – blockbuster love oil; $7.50/dr.

Rose, Tea – love and faithfulness

Rosemary* protection, prophetic dreams, faithfulness, memory

Run Devil Run  to remove evil

Sage* wards off misfortune, purifies and cleanses; $2.50/dr.

Sagittarius  for people born Nov. 22 to Dec. 22

Saint’s Oil – Anthony, Jude, Michael,Virgin Mary, Guardian Angel

Sandalwood for healing, empowerment, clairvoyance, concentration

Sassafras*- healing, compassion, money; $3.00/dr, $5.00/2 dr.

Saturn  success, protection, stability over time

Satyr – used by men for powerful attraction

Scorpio  for people born Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

Seven African Powers – gain protection, prosperity, peace of mind

666 (sex, sex, sex) – physical love; $3/dr, $5/2 dr.

Shi shi  quick acting for money, luck, good fortune

Showers of Gold  quick money, good for gambling

Snake  for court cases, money problems, health

Spearmint* protection for self and home from attack or damage

Success  add to any ritual for results, wear or put on a charm

Sun  happiness, creativity, abundance, healing

Sweet Pea  for healing, for love and new friends

Taurus  for people born April 21 to May 22; $3/dr, $5/2 dr.

Tea Tree*- powerful medicinal oil; $2.50/dr, $4.00/2 dr.

Thuja* (cedar leaf) – success, strength, prosperity

Tuberose – voluptuousness, pleasure, wards off evil

Uncrossing  removes crossed condition, curses, evil influences

Van Van  use for love, luck and power, a powerful oil

Vanilla – luck bringer, soothing, healing, love

Venus/Love  love, beauty, pleasure

Vetivert*- love, hex-breaking, luck, money, anti-theft; $4.00/dr.

Violet  for peace, significant dreams, truth, marital happiness

Virgo  for people born Aug. 23 to Sept. 22; $2.50/ dr, $4/2 dr.

Vision  for divination, dreams and all psychic work

Water – empathy, divination, strengthens emotions

Wealthy Way – attracts money

White Priestess – to invoke new moon for maiden energy

Wintergreen* good health, prevent disease

Wisteria  attracts good energies, events and spirits; adds to any ceremony, opens the gates to the inner world

Writer’s Blockbuster – ends any block to creativity

Yemaya – African Mother Goddess, Goddess of the sea

Ylang Ylang*- attraction, peace in troubled relationships, employment; $6.00/dr; also extended at regular price



Florida Water – purifies and blesses $7.50/ 5 oz

Four Thieves Vinegar – clears bad energy; purifies $5.00/ 5 oz

Lavendar Water – for peace and comfort $7.50/ 5 oz.

Orange Flower Water – harmony and good atmosphere $7.50/ 5 oz

Rose Water – love, eases tension and stress $7.50/ 5 oz