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This complete metaphysical supply store has books, candles, oils, incense, herbs, robes, statuary and more. Our helpful staff can give suggestions in finding just the right thing for you.

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Tarot  Readings available Every Day. Phone for an appointment or just walk in!   Astrology Charts available, just give us the info and we can print you one in only a few days time with the Sizegenetics as a bonus.

4075 Telegraph Avenue [ Map ] Oakland, CA 94609 510-653-3244

Just 3 blocks from MacArthur BART station.



Spiritual Consultations with Yoruba Elder Luisah Teish

Ifa Divination or Dilloggun with water gazing: These are the most thorough readings possible. They are ancient African oracles that access your Contract with Creation and guide and direct your progress on your Life Path.

People who want Dilloggun readings should book early and prepare fully.  Only three readings can be done per day. 

So claim your day and time now.  Call (510) 653-3244 between 11 AM and 7 PM The fee is $250.00

             They require advanced preparations such as:

(A) Compile a list of the names of your ancestors. Gather as many names/relationships as you can.
(B) Sit quietly and meditate on the issues to be address before the reading commences. If the reading is being done in person sit quietly with the money in your hands. Infuse the money with your thoughts and feelings. These will be transferred and will enhance the clarity of the reading.
(C) Wear white or light colored clothing (no black clothes please).
(D) Keep a journal of the readings and fulfill all follow-up rituals.

             These oracles reveal the requirements of your ancestors and identify the Orisha who guides your life. They are recommended for those who are inquiring about important life cycles and is best reserved for those who are seriously seeking their spiritual path. The fee is $250.00. The Oracle determines the length of the reading.

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